Christian Ministries of Sound Doctrine

We desire that every believer will continue to grow in the image of Christ as their understanding of God's Word is renewed.

Gospel Coalition

Is a group of pastors, churches and leaders committed to the centrality of the gospel, seeking to provide resources (articles, podcasts, teachings, books, conferences) of sound doctrine for the entire Spanish-speaking church.


Is a ministry dedicated to equipping pastors and church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources (books and articles) to reflect God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches of sound doctrine.

BITE (Bible, Ideas, Theology and Experiences)

Is a para-church organization that seeks to reflect the image of God through the publication of multimedia content about the past and present of the Lord’s Church on digital platforms.

Understanding the times

YouTube program, panel type, where various current issues are analyzed from a biblical worldview. Each topic is brought to the light of the Word of God, which is the only truth that can set us free.


It is a non-profit organization that provides free resources (animated videos) with the purpose of helping people see the Bible as a unified story that leads us to Jesus.