Virtual Bible Seminar in Spanish

By the grace of God we can bring our Bible Seminar based in Colombia virtually to the United States and Latin America, we are a Bible Institute in Spanish completely FREE.

Bible and Theology

Virtual mode and totally FREE?

Who is this program for?

Bible and Theology, a program that is aimed at people who:

– Want to study and delve into the scriptures, but do not know where to start and how to do it.
– Have always wanted to study Bible and Theology, however, for economic reasons they have not been able to.
– Want to get closer to God, learn more about him and grow in their spiritual life.
– Are parents who want to instruct their children better in the word.
– Have a prayer group or cell and would like to teach your group more of the word.
– Have disciples and want to instruct them much better in the knowledge of God.
– Are Servers (Pastors, leaders, deacons, ushers, worship, etc.)

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How does the Virtual Seminar work?

– You only need a computer or cell phone with good Internet access.
– They are Recorded Classes that will allow you to alternate your study with your other activities and go at your own pace. However it is very important that you commit to a weekly schedule of at least three hours per week so that you can satisfactorily complete each of the cycles corresponding to this course.
– You can ask questions by the means provided through the Platform.

What am I going to learn?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It has a duration of 2 years.

No. The program is completely FREE and includes study material.

Barranquilla- Colombia.

We began work in 2016, that is, the Institute has already been operating for 6 years.

We currently have 3243 active students.

On this occasion we open a call for all of Latin America and the United States.

Student Testimonials

Bible and Theology

I want to enter. How can I enroll?

1. Click on the registration button and it will take you to the form.

2. When we open a virtual call we will be contacting you via email or WhatsApp to give you the corresponding instructions, we ask you to be patient.